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Hell on the Heart by Nancy Brophy-Interview: Featured Author Book Buzz

Hell On The Heart

Czigany “Cezi” Romney is perfectly happy. Yes, she’d have liked to have graduated high school, perhaps even attended college and become a CSI rather than working for her father and Uncle as an asthmatic sidekick. But leaving Armadillo Creek would be impossible. A gypsy without family would be like a ship without a rudder - directionless, unable to function.

 Agent John Stillwater's scarred face reflects the life of man dedicated to protecting his country. Currently his team is dealing with a nationwide white slavery ring, but lack evidence to prove it. An unusual set of circumstances in a nowhere town in Texas leads John to investigate.

Cain McIntosh’s career is making him rich. In his chauffeur-driven limo, his tailored suits, his ten thousand dollar watch and his private jet, Cain visits different towns each week and finds the girl of his dreams. Or so he says as he convinces her to come home with him and meet his family. Unfortunately, the girl who agrees to go, knowing she will be the envy of her friends, is never heard from again.

Can a petite gypsy woman bring down a man the FBI can't find? Agent Stillwater isn't giving her a chance to find out. Like it or not, Stillwater plans to remain glued to her side. With her family watching his every move, it doesn't take tarot cards to read the heat between them.


How did you start your writing career?
Readers become writers, which is why a lot of us start young. We visualize ourselves as the heroine. Believe me, I was never the self-involved Amy, the sickly Beth, or the stay-at-home Meg. I was Jo, the writer.

But I am a verbal person. To this day I have no idea where a comma goes. First-and-foremost I am a storyteller.

My friends read romances as early as the 1970’s and 80’s, but I did not. Instead I wrote for business and professional journals. In the 80’s, I discovered I hated my job, but didn’t understand how to make a career change. So I stayed in a job that paid well but no longer interested me. In my spare time, I wrote “Tell Me Why” - a novel that will never see the light of day. Fast forward to 2001, I read my first romance. I was positive I could write a similar story. I tried and failed. “Paint the Daytime Black” joined “Tell Me Why” under the bed. Apparently, a crazy mother who tries to kill her daughter isn’t considered romance. Who knew?

In 2003 I joined Rose City Romance Writers and RWA and studied craft. I still struggle with commas but my writing has improved.

Tell us about a favorite character from a book.
I love the villains. In Dance of Passion, there isn’t a true villain, just an obsessed women. Muffy is a stunning beautiful, incredibly vain ex-girlfriend determined to marry Marshall. She even goes so far as to sue the heroine (a caterer) for food poisoning.

Hell On The Heart (romantic suspense) has my best villain. In the beginning of the story Cain is morally ambiguous, completely able to convince a woman to come home with him, knowing it spells a death sentence for her. He justifies his behavior in a number of ways. By the end of the story he has escalated into an obsessed killer, attempting to eliminate even his partners.

Caught In the Middle is based upon a true story with a completely different ending. I loved Emma, the three year old with leukemia. Without words she motivates all the adults to go beyond the day-to-day and be the best they can.  In real life my young friend, Elaina was not as fortunate.

In The Wrong Brother my favorite character would have to be the heroine. Chloe is smart, funny and completely lost and alone. Like many of us she bases her life on affirmations and her horoscope. She hasn’t sunk to making the lottery her retirement plan, but she has the potential. Watching her come to grips with her true nature is hilarious.

Do you use a pen name?

I did in the beginning. I published an erotic short story under a different name with Black Lace Publishing. After a while I grew into my writing and discovered I’m okay with being who I am. These are my stories and I am proud of them.

Define your stories in one sentence.

Pretty men, smart women and hot sex.

I like reading and writing hot sex, but more than that I love the flirting dance, knowing that when the hero and heroine finally get into bed it isn’t because they were just available, but that it truly means something.  My books are a fun, fast read with snappy dialogue and characters you will love.

They are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Ibooks

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Nancy Brophy grew up reading and writing.
Her imaginary friends have rich, larger-than-life lives with definite beginnings, snappy middles, and above all, happy endings. Her personal life is never as clearly defined. Beginnings are hard to locate. A new job, a school term, a family event like a death or wedding might signal the start of something new, but it’s never heralded with any fanfare. It appears as just another link in the chain.
She lives in the beautiful, green and very wet Northwest with her husband, two naughty dogs, PB and J, and forty rowdy chickens.
Like all marriages they’ve had their ups and downs, more good times than bad. Most recently they spent fourteen nail-biting months living in an apartment while their house was rebuilt from a house-fire in 2010. In the process she have acquired an in-depth knowledge of kitchen cabinets, bathroom plumbing fixtures and leaking roofs. If this writing thing doesn’t work out, she plans to investigate becoming a contractor who specializes in on-time, under-budget remodels. There is a fortune to be made by the builder who can deliver on his promises.

Her stories are about pretty men and strong women, about families that don’t always work and about the joy of finding love and the difficulty of making it stay.


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