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Bloodstone Heart (Blood Series, Book #4) by T Lynne Tolles-Giveaway, Review:CBLS Tour Stop


Josh Brenner is a good looking guy with an extraordinary talent he thinks is a curse - He's telepathic and he can't find the mute button, so he lives in solitude only coming out at night. But Josh isn't the only supernatural out and about this cold March night, because when Josh returns from his midnight run to the store to avoid people, he runs smack into a hungry agitated vampire looking for something and Josh is in his way.

Horrified by what he's seen and barely escaping with his life, he confides in a woman he barely knows, but has an instant connection with. When another vampire shows up looking for the first, Josh and his friend Lanie find themselves running for their lives and head to Oljone, California where a friend of Lanie's from College has helped her with a supernatural problem in the past.

But when they get to California with the vampire hot on their trail, they find Darby, Lanie's college pal, has moved to Massachusetts in search of her vampire boyfriend Devon. Luckily Darby's sister Rowan and Devon's vampire brother, Blake, step in and help Josh and Lanie as best they can.

The four work together along with Dean (a werewolf) and his girlfriend Sally (a witch) to figure out this crazy mystery. What does this determined vampire want and why? And is he willing to kill for it? As this mystery unfolds, so do other darker mysteries. Will they figure things out in time before some is killed? You'll just have to read it to see!


The chill of March was in the air and the moon shone through a halo of misty fog. Even though the moon was but a sliver, it appeared ten times brighter than normal, due to the refraction of the halo. Josh often walked late at night, even if just to pick up items from a convenience store. He liked this time of night, when most people were home with their families. The streets were quiet without many people about.

He had a hoodie on under his black leather coat and his iPod turned up as loud as he could stand it. This was standard practice for any public outing. Since he had been a young child, Josh could read other people’s thoughts. Though to anyone else, that may seem a gift, he felt it more a curse - a curse that had no on/off, mute, or volume switch.

Imagine being able to hear the random thoughts of everyone in your vicinity. Goofy, dumb thoughts, rude thoughts, thoughts a person never intends for anyone to hear. Everyone thinks out loud at times, but like breathing, people don't think about it. Sometimes it's just to keep oneself company, like having a television on in the background. Other times, it helps in dealing with scary, stressful, or embarrassing situations, but in most cases, people would be horrified if someone heard these thoughts. It made Josh feel like an outsider, a freak, to know what a person would say before they said it or to know their true feelings on any given thing. To Josh, isolation was the key and he was good at isolating himself from others; after all, he had perfected it over the years.


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Here is another exciting adventure in T. Lynne Tolles Young Adult Paranormal Romance series aptly titled The Blood series.  The timeframe for the setting of this book overlaps somewhat with the timeframe of the previous book.  The author does a superb job recapping the highlights of events to date.  This series builds dynamically on the events that occurred in earlier books.  The books are intended to be read in sequence, however, this book may be enjoyed also as a stand-alone adventure.

The first several chapters introduce two new characters to the series.  Each has an unusual remarkable ability and each feels isolated.  I enjoyed watching the relationship between Josh and Melanie bloom.  Both are multifaceted individuals who tugged at my heartstrings.  It is not long before they meet up with a group of characters from the earlier books.  The author does an admirable job keeping each character uniquely individual, interesting and believable.  For me, the story is made much stronger and more compelling by the interactions and close bonding that takes place as the problems and differences are carefully examined and then resolved during the course of events.

The story flowed smoothly and was easy to read.  There were a few times when the recaps became a bit redundant as new characters were brought up to speed on the current events and situation.  However, that slight distraction did little to detract from my overall enjoyment.  This book is intended for youthful readers, but is a book that should have wide appeal to a readership that enjoys substantial, character-driven stories in which adversity is conquered through companionship, grit, and determination.  I am eager to read the final installment in this series, Deadman’s Blood, and intend to delve into it soon.

Reviewed by Laurie-J


Born and raised in Silicon Valley, T. Lynne Tolles is a stay-at-home mom, part-time bookkeeper and writer. In the summer of 2009 she claims she got a 'wild hair' and sat down in front of her computer and wrote "Blood of a Werewolf'" in three weeks. She started "Blood Moon" and "Blood Lust" back to back, the following week.

"It was never my intention to become a writer, but the more I wrote, the more addicted I became."

The Blood Series includes five titles.

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