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Spotlight on Janis Lane author of Sandpiper Affair-Book Buzz


Besides falling into mutual admiration and maybe even into love, Wildlife photographer, Abby Neycomb and wealthy, Adam Rawlings, agree on one thing. Environmental work is both exciting and important. While capturing shots of mating/nesting birds in middle Florida, Abby is surprised to find herself with urges toward nesting herself. She is stunned when she finds the body of a local town councilman and is apprehensive when the sheriff asks for her assistance in finding the killer. She is even more surprised at the warm support of the local townspeople and the friendships they offer. Could Abby give up her life as a roving photographer to settle down as the mate of native son? Is her love strong enough to carry her through to a fairy tale ending, or will she end up like the tiny sandpipers running along the shore, evermore flirting with but never diving directly into the waves.

Published August 30th 2011 by Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc


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The uniformed park ranger with a decidedly masculine voice questioned, "Why are you in this restricted area, miss?"

Abby sat up and brushed the clinging grains of sand from her bare legs and hiking shorts. Her hands reached in a futile gesture to tidy loose curls blowing wildly in the gusty March winds. She fiddled more as she stalled for an excuse. She wondered briefly if he would believe she came here out of ignorance, then decided regretfully not.

"I'm photographing the crane chicks," she admitted. "Okay, I knew it was restricted, but I was very careful not to disturb them. Honest, they never knew I was here."

The too-good-looking-for-his-own-good, giant Florida State Park Ranger rubbed his jaw while he gazed down at her. Looking up at him Abby wondered if he would mind if she shot a few poses. Her fingers itched to grab her camera. He would make a very good subject to study in her spare time -- long tanned fingers, sturdy long legs. Definitely eye candy. She wondered how he felt about posing for calendars. She sized him up and decided she could get very artistic with this man wearing a uniform. Who doesn't love a man in a uniform?

Feeling a bit giddy both with tiredness and a kicked-back sense of humor, Abby tried to revise her thinking to a more serious vein. Probably not the best time to ask favors, she thought.

Busted in Birdland. Still... what a calendar he would make with that uniform, that smile, those shoulders. She stifled a sigh of pure visual pleasure.

You had better stop it, Miss Smarty. He has the authority to fine and kick you out of the park permanently if he so chooses. Wow! Love a uniformed hunk!


She stifled a giggle which was riotously rolling around deep inside her, threatening to break out. He continued to loom, gazing down at her while she fidgeted in her warm nest of sand. Surrounding them, the sporadic wind blew the smell of something baking in the sun. With her face turned upward and her eyes half-closed against the glare, she awaited her fate. She offered a weak smile while trying to bring into focus his face which was backlit by the bright sunlight. It couldn't hurt, she thought, and tried for puppy dog eyes pleading for mercy.

"Leave this area, and I'll forget your lapse of good manners -- this time. Don't let me catch you trespassing on restricted lands again. This is a nature preserve. Visitors may not wander about -- especially during nesting season," he added giving her a stern look. "And that goes for well-meaning, good-looking, lady photographers as well."


What is the hardest part of writing for you?
Writing is not difficult. Editing!! That’s difficult. It was so enlightening to work with an editor. But I’m not going to kid you. It’s very painful as well. In the end I wondered why I was anxious. It turned out just as it ought.

How does your family handle the time you spend at your computer writing?

Not bad. Initially they considered it another hobby and felt free to interrupt. Now they are much more respectful. Still, I am tempted to turn the home phone off. I close the shades so I am not tempted to see the lovely day outside. I try not to turn down dinner with my family no matter if I’m in the middle of a creative burst of energy.

What is your favorite TV program? 

I don’t watch all that much TV, but I guess Grey’s Anatomy. I like that the characters have interesting flaws.

How much research do you do for your novels?

SANDPIPER AFFAIR is straight from my heart. I’m an avid bird watcher and nature lover and have been for many years. It required some research about the springs in Florida, but the bird information was already deeply in my head. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with Adam and Abby. I roamed all over Central Florida and it was a pleasure to have characters who enjoyed that time with me. This is not a beach story. It required jeans and bug spray to really see nature in its home/habitat.

Do you have a sequel in mind?

Yep.  Already written and in line for publication next June ’12. I’m excited about that. It takes the relationship between Abby and Adam to a new level. There’s lots of suspense and mystery and bad guys to be dealt with. New information is revealed about both characters. I just know you’ll love it. 

Read a recent interview with Ms. Lane at Desert Breeze.


While the urge to create can be a powerful drive, Janis Lane often wants to chase her muse away with a stick for disturbing her peace. When not writing her novels, she enjoys reading what others write, preferably sitting in the shade with a pitcher of ice tea. Nature is a favorite subject and is tucked into most of her stories.

Lane is an experienced bird watcher. She is also part owner of a small "Herbtique" and can be found in summer assisting in the creation and design of beautiful gardens. She confesses to consulting with both her grown up children who have been gracious with their talents and ideas. Regency Romances, Contemporary Romances an Romantic Mysteries will be in her future.

Lane was born in the South and wanted adventure so she married a Yankee. She has lived in Georgia, Alaska, Arizona, Alabama, and Connecticut and has traveled extensively. She and her family now live in Western New York near Niagara Falls.   



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