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Spotlight Interview, Guest Post, & Giveaway with Linell Jeppsen

iToday I am so very pleased to welcome Linell Jeppsen as my guest spotlight author.  She is sharing a guest post featuring her new book, The Hunt.  Then we will go to the interview.

The Hunt
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About twenty years ago my husband and I went to the mountains of northeast Washington State to camp and hunt. Just like Holly, I liked to hang around camp, reading, relaxing, and watching the sunshine spangle off the icy water of Swan Lake.
It was mid October. The leaves on the trees were red and orange, casting their reflections down on the water, and in the early evening, tendrils of fog would reach spectral fingers toward the heavy, Hunter’s moon.
Thus was born The Hunt, by Linell Jeppsen. I had just finished reading most of the Anne Rice books, and was transported into the supernatural world of vampires, and dark romance. In the eerie twilight, as I sat by the campfire I heard Loons moan across the water and sensed hidden movement in the tall trees. It wasn’t hard to imagine that vampires might be hiding there, as well.
The Hunt is a modern day, dark urban fantasy. Brian and Holly Jensen have come to the high mountains for their annual deer hunt. What they don’t know, is an outcast band of vampires have come to the area, as well.
Raul Stannard is over a thousand years old. Although the taking of human blood has been forbidden by the high vampire council, Raul and his motley band of followers defy orders and have cut a bloody path of destruction from Alaska to Washington State. This is where Raul first sees Holly…and the game is on.
Four innocent people are about to be caught up in an ancient power struggle, and in a love affair as old as time itself- Roger Atley, a Ferry County forest ranger, and his best friend, Harley Truefeather, an Indian sprit-walker; Brain and Holly Jensen and, of course, Raphael Goldhawk, the half human vampire king.
Centuries earlier, two daring young vampires did the unthinkable. They turned a human boy into a vampire. This would never have happened, but time was threatening the vampire race with extinction. Many vampires embraced Raphael with open arms (and wings), but some, like Raul Stannard, rejected the hybrid and vowed to destroy him, even if it meant the eventual annihilation of their kind.
Now, Raul sees an opportunity to bring Raphael to his knees, and buy his way back into vampire society. As frost paints the high mountain treetops silver and early snow covers the autumn leaves, Holly finds herself the unwilling pawn, in a death-match that has been going on for centuries.
The Hunt is very dark. These vampires are beautiful, but deadly, and fighting for their very survival in a modern world gone mad.
There is violence here, and love, self-sacrifice and nobility. If you are looking for happy, shiny vampires that sparkle, The Hunt is not for you.
However, if you are searching for a book that will grab you and never let you go…for characters that will live on in your mind long after the final page is turned, read The Hunt, by Linell Jeppsen.

Two lucky randomly selected commenters will each win a digital PDF copy of The Hunt.  Be sure to include your email addy if it is not clearly visible on your Google Profile page.  This contest ends August 20th 11:59 CST and the winners will be notified the following day.


When did you start your writing career?

I started writing when I was in junior high. Anytime I was upset, or needed to articulate something, you would find me sitting at my desk writing. I tried a number of times over the years to be published, by sending out query letters, etc.. Ultimately, however my submissions went unanswered. Finally, I entered a contest and won third prize for the best science fiction short story of 2011. It is called The Gag Gift, and can be found in Mixed Blessings and Other Short Stories...and, The Last Astronaut. I asked the host of this contest (Phyllis Scott) if she accepted novel submissions, and she said send it...we'll see! The rest is history...

Tell us about your current release.                                            

The Hunt, published by the Phyllis Scott Pulishing Agency, was released April 6th, 2011. This is a dark, urban fantasy about vampires. It has received fourteen 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon/Kindle, and two more 3.5 and 4 star reviews from Bitten by Books, and the Paranormal Romance Guild. I wrote this story over twenty years ago, but decided to rewrite it this last winter. I'm proud of it, really... these vampires don't sparkle, nor are they undead. They are prehistoric creatures doomed to live into the 21st century. They are deadly, beautiful, tormented and savage. Here is one review...

The Hunt's lush, bold inventions spawn awe as well as fear. The vivid characters are so engaging that their fate becomes heart-stoppingly real. The Hunt is a wonderful adventure. Katherine Dunn, Author of Geek Love

 The Hunt is in my TBR.  I've read many of the reviews and it sounds so good!
Tell us about your next release.

My next novel, which is being edited as we speak is called, Story Time. This is a science fiction/ post apocalyptic novel that I am very excited about. I feel sure that this novel will be available by December, if not sooner. You won't believe this is bound to cause alot of talk and speculation!
 I'll definitely be on the lookout for that one!  I love those kind of storys!! Who is your favorite author?

The author who inspired me to write was probably Stephen King. His story, The Stand, was a testament to the "what-ifs" of speculative fiction. Now that I'm older though, I look to the poetry of words by authors such as James Lee Burke, and Larry McMurtry.
 When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?

I am semi-retired now, and I find that mornings are the best time to write. I try to write a chapter a day/ one, or sometimes two days a week. I will write like a fiend, and then go back the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that for final edits. Once the book is done...I try to wait at least a couple of weeks for the final proof. After all that I'll send my work to my publisher---she is bound to find some errors!

Do you have any suggestions for beginning writers? If so, what are they?

My advice to a beginning writer is this- If you feel compelled to write-you Are a writer! Don't give up. Enter contests-that might get your foot in the door. Keep submitting to agents and publishers, and if you need to- self publish. If you self-pub though, make sure you do a very, very good job editing. You can get your book out there, but there is So much competition you will fall through the cracks if your work is sloppy. One other thing (and this is a tough one!) CUT-CUT-CUT! The creative process is kind of messy-don't be afraid to pare it down to its barest bones. That's where the story lies!

What are your favorite TV shows?

There are a few television series that I absolutely love-and they go to my likes and the way I view the world- Supernatural (too cool for school!) Sons of Anarchy (great writing!) The Vampire Diaries (This one is really all about love)  Justified (snarky and fun) True Blood, The Game of Thrones to name a few. HBO and the WB have really begun to do some fine things.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Yes. Please visit my web site or go to The Hunt by Linell Jeppsen on to see more of my reviews and the product description.
Thanks so much Nel for taking this time to let us find out a little more about you and your new book.  I have enjoyed chatting with you.

Thanks for Looking!!


Karen C said...

Congratulations on your first published novel!! Would you please explain why this book is considered urban fantasy rather than paranormal? I'm still trying to understand the difference! Thanks. I hope you have much success with The Hunt!

loves to dive said...

Hey Laurie and Nel - Just stopped by to give ya'll some love. As you know, I've read and reviewed The Hunt and encourage others to read it. Can't wait for your next release.

Linell Jeppsen said...

Hi Karen-LOL! I'm not actually sure what the difference is between the two myself. Since the body of this work takes place in the NOW with modern 21st century characters (regular people like you and me) I felt that this qualified as Urban Fantasy. It is, of course, also a paranormal novel. Thank you for looking, and I hope you have a chance to "go hunting". Nel

Linell Jeppsen said...

Thanks again, LTD! Nel