Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guest Blog Spot with Leanore Elliott

Today, I welcome Leanore Elliott as a guest poster.

Are Muse’s Real?
Beasts of ForeverHow did I realize that Muses were real and not just some old Greek myth or joke told by authors?

I write Erotic Paranormal Romance. I say… ‘I’ but in reality, it’s my Muse Leanore, who does the tale spinning. I'm nothing but a glorified proofreader and formatter!

Leanore is a mischievous and wicked storyteller. I’ll dream her stories and then put them to paper (so to speak) I gave her part of the author name because she does have a bit of an ego. She wanted to be Lenore in Edgar Allen Poe’s “Quote The Raven.” So. I kept with what was real and gave her the name but supplied my middle name Lea and spelled it Leanore.

With her, there are no rules inside the story. The story always starts normal, contemporary and then it takes a paranormal turn somewhere. It may come by page 7 or 15 or even waits until chapter two, but it will turn. I get to find out what comes next as long as I keep typing. While the stories have no rules, she does have one. Do not touch the plot and do not change the characters! I’ve had to go to bat with several professional editors on her behalf.  I just tell them I’m superstitious and leave it at that.

So, how did I realize that Muses were real and not just some old myth or joke told by authors? In December 2010, I begin writing a story after a dream. Constance: she’s a psychic and she works with a renegade cop to track down and stop serial killers. I ‘m thrilled, Yes, a great premise! I begin and by chapter two, I know it’s not the story I thought it would be.

First, Connie who is a cold person, numb from seeing too many grisly visions, gets strange emotional visions and sudden urges for her platonic cop-partner Jack. Next, she spins out of control after finding that Jack was not who OR what she thought he was.

Beasts of DesireThe tale became Beasts Of Forever and a whole new world rose from it. Sexy, lustful and extremely lethal. A whole legend built as I sat at my computer in amazement! I wrote this 70,000-word manuscript in three weeks time. I became possessed, my family said. I paid no attention to my surroundings as I typed away in a enthralled trance.

I repeated this with two more novels in the Beasts Series and by February, I had three full length Novels in a series! I called them my erotic epiphany.

Here’s a sentence from each reader review about Beasts of Forever:                                               

*I don't think we are in Kansas anymore…, (lovestodive, Amazon Kindle reader)

*I am a PNR addict and normally read at least 2-3 books per week, this story is different than anything I have read in the past 20yrs! (Miss Kitty, Goodreads)

*This book is very much the erotic masterpiece that I was expecting. (Black Rose Reviews)

*The author, Leanore Elliott, created a completely different set of characters unlike any that I have ever read about. (Karen Fuller, Amazon reader)

And there is MORE Great Reading for you, too!!


Soul Sacrifice (Soul Trilogy)
My other creation is the Soul Trilogy, this is a saga-love story that spans a hundred years. The depth of the story will pull you in and the characters become real to you. (Readers have told me this) It will take you everywhere in the field of emotions, and this is a three book erotic series starting with Soul Sacrifice by Silver publishing.

The Nowhere Series by Knight Romance Publishing: The Sunset Warrior Book one is the Premiere book of their Nocturnal Seduction Line. And that it does! Seduce you from page one, to the very end! Maddy, a corporate executive is sent to Nowhere Arizona, on a death-bed request from her mother. She meets Devon and her life is literally turned inside out. This book is highly erotic and quirky at times as we learn the Nothing Way of life. The second book is already in with the publisher and titled: Gateway to the Sun.


Al said...

I know exactly what you mean.
Only for me it is like my characters are telling me their story and not a muse as such.

N. R. Williams said...

Three weeks must be a track record for producing a book. I think your family must be glad to have you back. The series sounds great.
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium. said...

What a brilliant mind NR (and Leaonore) have! Thanks for a fascinating interview.
Robyn said...

PS Sorry, Leanore, for misspelling your name. xo

Leanore said...

Thank you all for the comments, and I never pushed any of you into it! Laurie was sweet to spot me here. Gosh, she did a real layout, right?
Al: Muses? Well, it took me awhile to realize I had one!
Rawknrobyn :That's also okay, there is too many ways to spell Leanore.
And NR? They never got me back, Leanore just keeps spinning, 13 books in thirteen months.
Thanks so much everyone. Now, I'm gonna go and sweetly push some posters into it! LOL

Sharon Buchbinder said...


Can my writing guide have a chat with your muse, please? She seems to take a lot of breaks! LOL! Congrats and well done!


night owl in IL said...

Leanore -
Wonderful article. I so can't wait to read the upcoming 'Gateway to the Sun'! ('Nowhere Arizona' was smokin' hot!)

Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

Laurie said...

Thanks so much for all the super comments. I'm so glad you all came by! And a very special thank you to Leanore for this special guest post.

Lori said...

Loved it! Great post. I too have my characters tell me the story, Al. Glad to know there are other authors out there that have the same experiences. Great Job Leanore!

E.J. Stevens said...

Thank you Laurie for sharing a glimpse into the writing genius of Leanore Elliott. I don't usually read erotica, but Leanore's books and short stories are so well crafted...they are hard to resist! :)

Paranormal Author E.J. Stevens
From the Shadows

Penny said...

Big fan of Ms. Elliott and she knows it. We don't always see eye to eye on her plot lines but alas what are you going to do with a muse. I'll read anything she writes.

Anonymous said...

Another great book! Keep up the good work....VL..