Saturday, January 8, 2011

Guest Blog by Leanore Elliott

A visit with Wicked Leanore

I 'm happy to visit here with Laurie Jenkins!
I'm Leanore Elliott and I write one thing: Hot Paranormal Tales. Currently, as of mid-January I will have six novels on the market. I have written 10 in a year and have three publishers for all of them. It all started In December 2009:


I want to speak about the Beasts first. I say this with my heart beginning to pound. Oh wow, was that experience exciting! I called it my Erotic Epiphany.

Beasts of Forever
I started this story about a beautiful haunted Psychic and a sexy Homicide Detective and together, they hunt Serial Killers. Well, that's what I thought the story was about!... It wasn’t. Constance, a psychic begins to feel urges, she's never felt before after feeling cold for years because of the hideous visions she gets of killings.

Constance Braddock begins to notice her platonic partner, Jack Wagner in a different light. Once the real truth starts to come to light, Connie finds that nothing was as she thought. Jack may not be human at all. She also finds that instead of brotherly, he is a sensuous male and he shows her just how beastly he can be. Beasts of Forever was born! I wrote the first draft in three weeks time at 70,000 words! Whew, what an exciting ride it was too. It is published by Wild Horse Press.

[BREAKING NEWS - Catie Just posted a 5 STAR Review on Black Rose Reviews for Beasts of Forever.  Check it out here!]

The next one in the series was Beasts Of Desire and this was created in the same amount of time; Fast, furious and sexy as hell! Main characters were sub-characters in the first beasts book: Jack's brother Damon, and he is insatiable when it comes to Alex, (she is a mesmer, sort of a mind mystic). I named it Desire as they get into trouble because of their forbidden desire for each other. There is a scene (erotic) that lasts for 15 pages, as Damon sets out to use his seductive prowess to get her to remember him! (Yes, thought I may need counseling for that particular erotic episode.)  To be released Jan 13, 2011

Finally, there came Beasts Of Vengeance. Another three-week wild ride, with two cops chasing a female slasher, who is really chasing them! All of the series comes together more in number three. The  Beasts Series is nothing like you've ever read before (readers have told me this) the characters and the entire supernatural premise is entirely unique and original.


Soul Sacrifice (Soul Trilogy)
My other creation is the Soul Trilogy, this is a saga-love story that spans a hundred years. The depth of the story will pull you in and the characters become real to you. (Readers have told me this) It will take you everywhere in the field of emotions, and this is a three book erotic series starting with Soul Sacrifice by Silver publishing.

The Nowhere Series by Knight Romance Publishing: The Sunset Warrior Book one is the Premiere book of their Nocturnal Seduction Line. And that it does! Seduce you from page one, to the very end! Maddy, a corporate executive is sent to Nowhere Arizona, on a death-bed request from her mother. She meets Devon and her life is literally turned inside out. This book is highly erotic and quirky at times as we learn the Nothing Way of life. The second book is already in with the publisher and titled: Gateway to the Sun.


At the end of this 8 book year, I wrote two novellas: 'The Realm' (a Fantasy Romance novella) & Lace and Leather (a Paranormal Western Romance.) Check the link for to find more detailed information on my website for the series or books that interests you:
I thank Laurie for allowing me to babble on and on about my tales.

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And remember: Live wickedly, so you'll never look back and say, you missed out!


Lori said...

Great interview Leanore. As soon as my edits are done I'm going to read Lace & Leather. I have all your books ready to read as soon as I get some time. I can't choose which one to read first! Congrats on all your success! You are an inspiration!

E.J. Stevens said...

Wonderful guest blog! Looking forward to more books by Leanore Elliott in 2011. :)
From the Shadows

DANIELA said...

Hi Laurie and Bonnie Lea!
Liked the interview... Looking forward to read "those 15 pages", hehe

Daniela. :)

tlynnetolles said...

Great job guys. Laurie hope you are feeling better.

night owl in IL said...

Hi Wicked Leanore & Laurie -
Very Nice! Love the book covers!

Lea Ellen

Laurie said...

Thanks for all the comments,everyone. Glad you enjoyed the special blog spot and an extra special hug to Wicked Leanore for sharing all this with us. :)

T - I'm feeling a little better today, I think (I hope) sure am tired of this nasty cold.

missleanore said...

I have to say this whole place looked so good on me! Laurie did wonders on the history of my writing year!I'm going to see if I can get some more comments and followers for this lovely BLOG-SPOT.