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Interview with Lori Pescatore

Laurie:  Hello, Lori.  Thanks so much for taking time out to visit with me today.

Lori: Hey Laurie. Thanks so much for having me!

Laurie:  You are a school teacher as well as a writer. How has your profession influenced your writing?

Lori: Well, I teach preschoolers, and I have written some children books, as well. Several are currently in a contest that is sponsored by Cheerios. I should know how I did with those new books in July sometime.

For Human Blend, I may have pulled a line or two from work, like marshmallow feet. :)

Laurie:  Where do you get the ideas that you write about?

Lori:  The ideas come from the characters in my head. It is their story I am telling. Sometimes when I have an idea and I sit down to write it, it comes out completely different.

Laurie:  Some authors like to outline and plan out their story in advance while I’ve talked to others who just basically sit down to write and the story flows forth. What kind of writer are you?

Lori: My first book in the Blend Series was not outlined. The characters told the story. For the next two in the series, I have an idea of where the story will go, but sometimes the characters and I disagree, so, it's anyone's guess. There was only one time during the writing of Human Blend that I changed a scene. The character was revealing too much too soon so I had to temper them.

Laurie: How about sharing a short excerpt from Human Blend with us today, please?

Lori:  Sure! I’m happy to do that. Here it is.

     Eli stepped towards her, but she backed up. “No. Don't come near me. I need to explain this to you; make you understand. I watched them die. They made me watch. They wouldn't let me go to them,” she said, her voice racked with pain. “I had to watch them suffer and die, and I could do nothing!” Julie dropped to her knees as the memory took over. “It was to teach me a lesson. To show me they can hurt me by going after people I care about,” Julie let out a pained laugh. “I didn't learn my lesson.”

     She closed her eyes. She felt drained. When Eli came to her, she didn't push him away. He was on the floor next to her. Julie let him envelope her in his arms and cradle her. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and she felt him lift her off the floor.

     He carried her to the sofa and whispered in her ear. “I'm not like the other people who helped you. I've survived for hundreds of years,” Eli said. Julie looked up at him as he continued. “I am similar to a type of mythological creature told of in some books, although I am not one of them,” Eli explained. “I have some traits that could be labeled as human, although I am not one of those, either. There are others like me, but we do not congregate, preferring instead to live solitary lives among the humans. Most of us dedicate our lives to a craft, and perfect it to the best of our abilities. My chosen craft is medicine,” Eli told. Julie stayed silent, drinking in his words. “I can protect you, Julie. I've entrusted you with some information about myself. Now I need you to entrust your safety and well being to me,” he finished.

     Julie touched his face, absorbing everything he had told her. “You feel human,” she said, and smiled. He duplicated her action.

     “So do you,” he said.

     “I don't even know enough about myself to tell you anything,” Julie said.

 --------------End of Excerpt---------------

Laurie: I read Human Blend last year and just loved it.  Now you are working on a sequel. Could you give us a little teaser giving us a glimpse of which character will play a pivotal role in the story?

Lori:  Well in Human Blend I introduced a new fantasy paranormal creature and the second book's first 6 chapters will act as a prequel giving you some background information on them and how they came to be. It also explains how the Blends came to be and what their agenda really is, or what they want you to think it is. :) I'm really excited about this book. It will of course pick up in the 7th chapter where the first one left off.

Laurie: What kind of books did you enjoy reading as a child?

Lori:  My mom and sister as well as myself were all avid readers. Bi-monthly trips to the library were mandatory. I read a lot of what I read now. My mom always loved paranormal books. We both loved VC Andrews and Dean Koontz. She loved medical mystery books. I wish she could have read mine.

Laurie:  What are your suggestions to parents who want to know how to encourage their children to read more?

Lori:  Kids learn by imitating. I think you have to be a reader yourself in order for it to stick.  Of course reading to/with your children every night is a great start. Even when my kids got older, I would sit in the hallway between their rooms and read parts of a big chapter book to them before bed. To this day my oldest always has a book with him while my youngest son prefers to read electronically.

Laurie: What advice can you share with us as far as promoting your books that you think will be beneficial to other newer authors who want to see increased sales?

Lori: I've done pretty well with the marketing, I think, I'm sure others have done better. I'm at 300 books sold in 7 months. The best way to market is to generate interest by talking about it on approved forums and getting bloggers to review your book. I really think the blogging community has been the reason for my success. I am so grateful to them for their honest critique. I'm not a blogger myself but a lot of authors have had great success with blogs of their own. You have to be a part of the social media scene, facebook and twitter especially.

Laurie: Where can your fans find you hanging out?

Lori:  Online they can find my author facebook page at:
 I'm always checking it and answering questions and posting updates.  They can also follow me on Twitter @preteach99.

Laurie:  Do you have your own website or any plans for setting one up soon?

Lori:  I think I will set up a website sometime later in the year when I have time. Time... I keep forgetting what that is. I'll be sure to update you when I have it up and running. The facebook address above is currently the best place to contact me.

Laurie: Is there anything else you would like to mention today that I should have brought up and didn’t?
Lori:  I guess just that I am shooting for an April release of the second in The Blend Series. The book is yet untitled.

Laurie:  Thank you again.  I so appreciate this opportunity to chat with you and wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.

Lori:  Thank you so much, Laurie, for the chance to publicize my book and for your original questions.


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Select Photos from Lori's first ever book signing
Doylestown, PA  Dec 14, 2010
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Interview with Donald Gorman

Laurie:  Hello, Donald.  I am pleased to get this opportunity to chat with you.  Thanks so much for taking time out for this interview.

Donald:  Hello, Laurie. And thank you for inviting me to do this interview.

Laurie:  You write mostly books that fall into the Horror genre with some supernatural elements. What inspires you?

Donald: I always enjoyed scary movies as a kid. Ghosts and demons are my favorite. I can’t say I truly believe, but there is a lot of fun in the myths and lore that go into our ghost/horror stories. The fear of the unknown is one of our most primal emotions. Deep emotions are exciting to explore in the written word. I like to explore all deep feelings in my writing: fear, love, depression and our propensity for violence. I love brutal violence and carnage in my stories. What can I say? I’m human. Still, studying how we can be so easily drawn to brutal, unkind, violent behavior even though we know it’s wrong is one of the subjects I like to tackle…simply because of my own idle curiosity. Plus, I just write whatever stories pop into my head. I never run short of ideas.

Laurie:  There is a quote on your website that I think really sort of captures the essence of those same thoughts. Tongue-in-cheek, you say:

"I find the swift, blinding, gratuitous violence and carnage very soothing and relaxing. Nothing calms me down after a long hard day better than senseless bloodshed...and lots of it!"

I had to chuckle and to agree. It was especially true when I was still working 10-12 hours a day at a high-stress job with a long daily commute. I’d like to veg out afterwards with a good book or a scary movie.
I read Paradox recently and loved it.  It is told in an unusual manner.  How did you come up with that idea for conveying the story?

Donald: I write with a minimalist style. I first tried a very stark, rigid minimalism in my first book, The Brick Mirror, probably the closest thing I have to a paranormal romance. That book still has special appeal to me. But in subsequent books, I have learned to ease up on the minimalism, keep its best qualities while enjoying a more casual “storytelling” attitude. People seem to prefer the mix of the two styles.

I was introduced to the style by authors like Richard Brautigan (my favorite) and a few others like Raymond Carver. I like the fact that they don’t beat you to death with inane details. They tell you what you need to know and assume the reader is intelligent enough to fill in the rest. Physical descriptions of characters are sparse, for instance. Sure, you may need to know a character is old and bald let’s say….but the rest can be visualized by the reader. And I may not tell you where you are or who is speaking right away. The reader becomes more a part of the story when he/she discovers these things for themselves.

Personally, I get bored when writers drift away from the story too often for too long because they have to tell you every detail about characters and places right up front. Certain things will come to light as the story progresses. Readers will find out what’s important on their own when the time is right (if the story is well-written). And discovering the truth is half the fun of reading.

Laurie:  Yes, I can see that. It seems to me you try to encourage your readers to stretch their imagination and expand their cognitive abilities. 

The family dynamics and brief conversations found in Paradox are really the driving force that steers this story to its climatic ending. Do you observe these traits in everyday people you interact with or do you make up the personalities as the story is being written?

Donald: All my characters have traits and suffer flaws I have seen in others. That is why they exist in my books. But none of my characters are direct copies of any real people. I would never need to use direct impersonations to achieve my purposes.

Deliciously Evil: A Cookbook for KillersCertain things are mapped out ahead of time. Some things occur as they are being written. When I write a scene, I have an idea of what is going to happen. But I let the scene play out in my head as I write. For instance, in my Deliciously Evil: A Cookbook for Killers there is a scene where I know a main character is going to have an argument with his girlfriend that was not going to end well. That was a part of the plot. However, I was not aware that the girl was going to lock herself in the bathroom until it actually happened. That totally surprised me. It steered the book in a slightly different direction, but did not alter the outcome of the book. I guess surprises happen sometimes.

Laurie:  Indeed, they do. As a reader, I relish those moments when an author truly surprises me in a way that makes complete sense in the story but blindsides me, never-the-less.

Of the books you have written so far, which one is your favorite?

Donald: Paradox. I always have all the characters of a book living in my head while I write. This was one of the most brutal and rewarding examples of what happens when you allow so many people in your brain for 8 months at a time.

Laurie:  Please share your favorite short excerpt from Paradox.

Donald: I would like to share this excerpt with your readers. It’s from chapter 7.

ParadoxWhen he was done, he stepped out from behind the dumpster. He was about to go to the parking lot.

          However, he saw a man. Or rather, it was the silhouette of a man. In the dim lighting of the alley, he saw little more than just a faceless shadow.

          “What are you looking at?” he asked in a threatening voice.

          The silhouette didn’t reply. It just stood still.

          “Hey!” he shouted. “I’m talking to you! What are you, deaf?”

          The silhouette still remained silent and still.

          “Say something!” he warned. “What’s the matter with you?”

          Then, he gasped. In this insufficient light, it was suddenly obvious that the shadow-man was holding a gun.

          With a new sense of fear, he took a step backward. “Hey,” he said. “What is this? What’s your problem, pal?”

          The shadow-man took a step toward him.

          He took another step back. “Why don’t you put that thing away?” he suggested. “There’s no need for any of this.”

          He began to tremble as the shadow-man pointed the gun squarely at the middle of his chest.

          “Come on!” he coaxed nervously. “Joke’s over! Cut it out! Who are you? Are you that guy Lindsay keeps talking about? What’s his name? Danny Stark?”

          There was a silencer on the gun. It hardly made a sound as the silhouette fired two shots. His target stumbled back against the brick wall as the bullets sunk deep into the ribs near his heart.

          He dropped the keys in his hand. He slid down into another shallow puddle. He was in pain. His chest was bleeding.

          Even from his vulnerable position, he still couldn’t see a face in that silhouette as it stood over him. He looked up from the puddle. The one light from the building next door made it look as if the silhouette had a halo.

          There was no face. But there was a halo.

          The damp drizzle kept everything in a haze. And as he looked up from the puddle, something else made him gasp. He didn’t know if it was the haze, the blood or the pain.

          Maybe it was the alcohol.

          But somehow, it appeared as though horns had grown out of the silhouette’s head! Just like the Devil! It sent a cold chill up his spine.

          “Oh my God!” he cried. “Who are you? The Devil? Satan? Lucifer?”

          The shadow-man still said nothing. He just aimed the gun right at his target’s face.

          “No, Lucifer! Please!” he begged. “Don’t kill me, Satan! Please! I don’t want to die! Please! Spare me, Lucifer! Please spare my life!”

          He cried as he begged.

          The shadow-man still said nothing. He just aimed the gun. He pulled the trigger.

          ----------End of Excerpt-----------

Laurie:  I am so glad you picked that for the excerpt!  Without giving away too much, I will say that I certainly didn’t feel much compassion or remorse for the victim this time. Shadow-man did a good deed there when he took out that trash.

Are you currently working on a new book?

Donald: I am not currently working on any books. It is not because of a shortage of ideas. It is because of a shortage of time. I’m always busy. I’m sure I will write again. I just have to find 8 months or so when I can afford to have 100 people living in my head at one time (including heroes, villains, ghosts, lovers and haters, etc.)

Laurie: I can understand that but I hope you will find the time sooner rather than later. You have outstanding story-telling talent and I have a voracious appetite! LOL

 Meanwhile, How can your fans contact you? (Maybe if we pester you enough those 100 characters living in your head will seem peaceful, by comparison, and you will pick up the pen!).  Just joking – I’m greedy and envious.  

Donald: You can find me on GoodReads under my name, Donald Gorman, or at my website

Laurie: Is there anything else you would like to mention today that I should have brought up and didn’t? 

Donald: No, I think you covered most of the important stuff. I just might reiterate that I enjoy exploring all aspects of the human condition: fear, terror, love, violence….anything that is a true part of the human experience.

Laurie:  Thank you again.  It’s been fun. You have a warm and fabulous sense of humor and I appreciate this opportunity to share some of that today!  

Donald:  Thanks again for having me here. I enjoyed it.

Books by Donald Gorman: (with links to Amazon)

As I mentioned in the interview, I had the pleasure of reading Paradox a couple of months ago. Below is my review.

4 Stars
ParadoxAn unlucky prostitute is found with a bloody, cryptic note pinned to her chest.  A crazed serial killer who horribly mutilates his victims begins his diabolical rampage.  It is up to Detectives Paczecki and Grogan to discover the identity of and arrest the killer but clues are scarce. Time becomes yet another enemy as the murders escalate. The victims seem to be randomly selected but soon unlikely relationships are uncovered. A family is torn asunder by hate, betrayal, and loss. Who will survive? Read More

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Guest Blog by Leanore Elliott

A visit with Wicked Leanore

I 'm happy to visit here with Laurie Jenkins!
I'm Leanore Elliott and I write one thing: Hot Paranormal Tales. Currently, as of mid-January I will have six novels on the market. I have written 10 in a year and have three publishers for all of them. It all started In December 2009:


I want to speak about the Beasts first. I say this with my heart beginning to pound. Oh wow, was that experience exciting! I called it my Erotic Epiphany.

Beasts of Forever
I started this story about a beautiful haunted Psychic and a sexy Homicide Detective and together, they hunt Serial Killers. Well, that's what I thought the story was about!... It wasn’t. Constance, a psychic begins to feel urges, she's never felt before after feeling cold for years because of the hideous visions she gets of killings.

Constance Braddock begins to notice her platonic partner, Jack Wagner in a different light. Once the real truth starts to come to light, Connie finds that nothing was as she thought. Jack may not be human at all. She also finds that instead of brotherly, he is a sensuous male and he shows her just how beastly he can be. Beasts of Forever was born! I wrote the first draft in three weeks time at 70,000 words! Whew, what an exciting ride it was too. It is published by Wild Horse Press.

[BREAKING NEWS - Catie Just posted a 5 STAR Review on Black Rose Reviews for Beasts of Forever.  Check it out here!]

The next one in the series was Beasts Of Desire and this was created in the same amount of time; Fast, furious and sexy as hell! Main characters were sub-characters in the first beasts book: Jack's brother Damon, and he is insatiable when it comes to Alex, (she is a mesmer, sort of a mind mystic). I named it Desire as they get into trouble because of their forbidden desire for each other. There is a scene (erotic) that lasts for 15 pages, as Damon sets out to use his seductive prowess to get her to remember him! (Yes, thought I may need counseling for that particular erotic episode.)  To be released Jan 13, 2011

Finally, there came Beasts Of Vengeance. Another three-week wild ride, with two cops chasing a female slasher, who is really chasing them! All of the series comes together more in number three. The  Beasts Series is nothing like you've ever read before (readers have told me this) the characters and the entire supernatural premise is entirely unique and original.


Soul Sacrifice (Soul Trilogy)
My other creation is the Soul Trilogy, this is a saga-love story that spans a hundred years. The depth of the story will pull you in and the characters become real to you. (Readers have told me this) It will take you everywhere in the field of emotions, and this is a three book erotic series starting with Soul Sacrifice by Silver publishing.

The Nowhere Series by Knight Romance Publishing: The Sunset Warrior Book one is the Premiere book of their Nocturnal Seduction Line. And that it does! Seduce you from page one, to the very end! Maddy, a corporate executive is sent to Nowhere Arizona, on a death-bed request from her mother. She meets Devon and her life is literally turned inside out. This book is highly erotic and quirky at times as we learn the Nothing Way of life. The second book is already in with the publisher and titled: Gateway to the Sun.


At the end of this 8 book year, I wrote two novellas: 'The Realm' (a Fantasy Romance novella) & Lace and Leather (a Paranormal Western Romance.) Check the link for to find more detailed information on my website for the series or books that interests you:
I thank Laurie for allowing me to babble on and on about my tales.

     ***FREE READ!!***

And remember: Live wickedly, so you'll never look back and say, you missed out!